Friday, September 11, 2009


Balance is my goal, and it's difficulty is growing. I cannot in good conscience have a blog that is all about beauty alone, for me that would be out of balance. One of my "best escapes", from the unpleasant things of life are the creative moments in "doing art/crafts".
These tags were a wonderful escape.

There is a serious imbalance in the land, that is why 9-11 happened.
May God Have Mercy On Us.

Where were you? Have you forgotten? On 9-11 I was watching TV in bed working on getting up. Then I saw it, and watched the whole dreadful thing transpire. I cried, I prayed, I had phone calls, I got royally pissed off, filled with anger, and fear, that was so foreign to me.
This day truly changed America.

We no longer can just live in the land of "pretty" as it will disappear if we ignore the "ugly".
Responsibility to keep our freedom is to see that our leaders hold the constitution high, and God laws even higher, it is up to you and I to hold them accountable. To pray for them too.

I used to live in La-La land of Pretty, doing my craft as a business, not caring for what our leaders were doing. I just figured somebody else would take care of things, and they didn't. It was "all about me". Not any longer. My voice counts. The constitution does not run by itself. If I don't fight for our democracy, and a Christian country the rest of my days, then I am truly out of Balance.


sjhackney said...

Marcie, I agree totally. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting your thoughts today. I will always remember the destruction and who did it. Sally Hackney

Coleen said...

I know you speak from your heart Dear Marcie!

Heart Hugs,
Coleen (aka Queenie)

Desires of the Heart said...

Marcie, Thank you for your courage! You are not alone. I find myself thinking more and more that we as a country are on the edge, not just financially, but fundamentally and morally. May the people who are called by His name call out for His mercy on all of us. More than ever we need to get back to God.

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

WOW Marcie!!!! What a POWERFUL POST!!!! Spoken like a TRUE PATRIOT~~I will NEVER FORGET 9/11 and where I was,and wanting so bad to just go to the school's and get my kids. And then the weeks that followed, my brother served in the service at the time~in Iraq~Praise God he came home safe and sound.But still so many did'nt come home. And we MUST Alway's REMEMBER ALL the" Patriot's "and their families that lost their lives this day in the Towers. OUR Nation Still Mourns Their Loss!!! NEVER FORGET! We must defend our RIGHTS, too many lost their lives through the years for us to sit by and "WATCH" them being striped from us!!! YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN!!!~~~POWERFUL!!!

Terri Kahrs said...

"WE" are the "someone else"! 9/11's pain is just as fresh today as it was eight years ago. My friend and I cried together this morning, remembering and sharing our fears - both then and now. 9/11 was NOT a regional "thing", it was a declaration of war on us, the American People. Innocent people died ignominious deaths in the name of the freedoms that we still enjoy. And our young men and women are still dying in the name of freedom. God bless them all and their ultimate sacrifices. God Bless America and those who stand and protect her freedoms.

Mary said...

Marcie, this is an excellent and very truthful post! We are so complacent, thinking about temporal and fleeting things, we are not seeing what is happening all around us. Thank you for speaking out...I am trying to do my part in getting the truth out...I am finding, however, that some do not want to hear the truth...they stay blinded...we need to pray for them and our country. We have to speak out to protect our constitution. I believe that we have enemies that are working non-stop to destroy it, and our voting privileges as well. We may not have a voice in the near future...the time to speak is now. God bless you!


Linda K. said...

My heart has been so heavy lately, for our country and its administration. I had to give it to God and am posting things that are relevant (sp). I guess my heart is heavy for our children's children. Our beloved country is slowly turning away from what our great country was founded on. Thank you, Marcie for a wonderful post! May He richly bless you everyday, my friend.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Marcie, 9/11 and our nation has worn heavy on my heart. I lost my childhood dreams that security in my innocence was gone forever. But because of that day, I pray a more compassionate person...think about eternity more often and pray again. We must find our roots again & again in the God of our salvation. It is the lives of my children and grandchildren and their grandchildren that I am concerned most about. Our freedom is slipping away one grain of sand at a time. Women MUST pray. Men MUST pray. The scriptures say, if we humble ourselves and pray God will hear our prayers and heal our land. We must pray for the Lord to direct our paths as individuals and as a nation...

Candy said...

Amen to all you say. I stand with you on all fronts. But glad you find comfort in crafting...lovely creations.

Paula said...

Hi, Marcie,

I love the beautiful tags. Your creativity is enviable!

Your words are powerful and true in regard to 9/11. I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, how I felt, how I wept. I was scared, angry, and lost. It changed my life forever and changed how I view our lives, our land and our government. My voice was found that day, and I haven't stopped shouting since.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Hmm..I have trouble with posts like this. I hate to cause trouble or be anything other than nice, but then again I feel I can't look away when I see this sort of thing.

I'm a huge anti-war person. My father went to Vietnam and as a result suffers greatly for it. My brother has seen service in many countries including Iraq, very luckily for us he's come home without too much (physical) damage but severe PTSD and is now retired from the military due to it.

What I'm trying to say in this, with as much niceness as possible, is that America is not fighting for it's freedom- the Towers were attacked in revenge, and now the cycle continues. This 'war' my country's been dragged into is an invasion of an innocent country.

I'm going to stop now before I get really fired up- I'm not religious and I'm happy for other people to be so if that's their choosing, I just hope everyone realises that America is not an innocent victim- it's people are, all of you- but your government have let you down. But above all things, this is not about relgion. It's about oil.

(You can delete/disallow this comment if you like, Marcie, I won't be upset. I just couldn't let it slide.)

The Rustic Victorian said...

Thank you for your comments on this post. I am glad there "is" dialogue no matter which opinions or beliefs one holds. Complacency/apathy would be the worse thing that could happen. I am married to a Vietnam vet who was exposed to agent orange and the atrocities of that time. I know more than I want to know of war...and we are in for more.

First an foremost we are Christians and we will continue to pray for the nations and its leaders, and their people.