Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Lift of A Gift

It was a good day for a Lift,,a Gift, a Surprise! I love it when a gift comes unexpectedly. Shelley Noble is such an amazing artist, a real angel. Thank you so much Shelley, I just love it all to pieces. I love that the necklace lays just where I want it to, how did you know. You made my day dear friend.

She also tells how she makes them at
I am going to grow these seeds in the spring, and I am sure there will be more surprises pop up!
How Perfect!

Shelley is the creator of Halfland, a wonderful world, a stop motion animation film in the process. The amazing miniatures, the techniques she teaches,,,,if she needs something she just finds a way to make it, then she shares all. You may get lost in her world when you visit,,,but you will enjoy the ride, I promise.


Barb said...

That is so sweet.

Beautiful card and necklace.


barbara jean

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Marcie...what a precious gift from Shelley! You deserve it sweet friend ~ hope you are doing wonderful...xxoo, Dawn

Coleen said...

the necklace is darling!...she is way talented....I love the La-La land she has created!

Heart Hugs my dear Friend!,

Coastal Sisters said...

Marcie, this necklace is so pretty! What a special gift :)


Shelley Noble said...

Oh, Marcie! I'm so delighted it brought you a little lift! Hooray! I'll be sure to send more surprises as they occur.

I was blessing you this weekend again because I'm making a chandelier for the set and found that the nutmeg and myrtle pods you sent were so completely perfect to use in it I could scream!

Thank YOU for mailing me all the amazing natural material to use in Halfland! That's why you are The Official Halfland Naturalist [H.O.N.]!!! xoxox