Monday, May 16, 2011

A lovely, lovely lady,,,,Sandy Babb of Quill Cottage

I do not visit Sandy enough, and she is such a lovely lady, with such a big heart, and such a talented artist. A while back, I won a giveaway of hers, and received this lovely shoe, tag, and box. Thank you again Sandy for blessing my world with your talent. It has taken me so long to share this with you all, in fact I have been MIA in general..
I do hope you will visit Sandy's blog as you will find a kindred spirit and gentle heart.

Sandy also has a shop Click Here


Myrna said...

Congrats on the beautiful giveaway!
I've missed you in blogland..hope everything's okay..

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Congrats on winning the shoe, tag, and box.... lucky girl!!! I'm off to check out her site!!!
hugs~~ Daphne

Barbara Jean said...

All so sweet and lovely, just like you and Sandy!!!

blessings sweet girl.

barbara jean

sonya said...

Congratulations on your wonderful win! I love Miss Sandy! She is one of the first bloggers that I followed and she is the sweetest and very talented too! I have missed her as she is very busy with her daughter's wedding. Thank you for sharing.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Congratulations on winning that lovely prize, Marcie!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marcie, congratulations, this is a beautiful prize- and you are so lucky, to have all those lovely things from dear Sandy, in your home now.
Glad to see you here again.

June said...

Hi Marcie,
I love your giveaway wins from Sandy. She makes the prettiest things doesn't she. I am always so in awe of all the talent we see here in the blogs, and in the world.
I haven't been making it to all the places I love to visit either, or writing many posts. It seems so hard to squeeze everything in, don't you think? It's either blog or create for me. I'm not too good at doing both I'm afraid.
hugs from here,

Diane said...

Marcie, it takes a lovely lady to know a lovely lady and both you and Sandy fit that description.

XO Diane

Candy said...

It's always fun to see a familiar 'face' come visiting. I am well and staying indoors to keep cool. You such received a lovely piece of work from Sandy. Glad you enjoyed visiting Miss Pearl.
Weekend Blessings ;-)

Rebecca said...

Hi Marcie
How have you been, thanks so much for stopping by.
I can't agree with you more, Sandy is a sweetheart and her blog is fabulous.
Blessings to you this fathers day