Thursday, April 16, 2009

Something Wonderous is Happening...In Shelley Noble's Halfland

Halfland is a world of very special creatures who will come to life in a story told by the creator of Halfland, "Shelley Noble". The process of creating Halfland has been a long and delightful journey of discoveries and sharing. An infectious delight to all who encounter it. Shelley is creating, in her living space, a movie set, 1/3 scale to human size. It will be a handcrafted stop motion animation film, that many are waiting to see. I encourage you to visit Shelley at:

Shelley shares her techniques of creating smaller miniatures, to the largest of props. Furniture, lamps, doors, puppets, landscaping etc. are figured out along the way, and she is generous in her sources, tips, tricks, and discoveries. She invites others to take part as well to design the under water characters. I have donated some landscaping materials myself, and am just tickled to be apart of the magic in a small way.

It does take over the loft like warehouse her and her husband live in, as a regular house just wouldn't be big enough. See more at
There are four main characters; Rana, the goat woman weaver, Kyra the black mermaid, Tarn the crow woman, and Yanu the moth man hunter. There are others you will discover on her blog that are just too wonderful.
In creating stop motion, the set/actors will need to be moved a fraction at a time between frames. Special construction and planning are very time consuming to make it look real.
Speaking of "real" Shelley likes everything to be alive, and "apart" of something else,,,,HALF of something else.
The happy chair (above) is in Rana's cottage,,which is large enough for Shelley to sit cross legged in. There is a photo on her blog that shows her inside the walls working on the cottage. The photo below also shows the scale. I urge you to go to her blog and see many other treasures that will be in the Halfland film.
I do wonder, Shelley,,,,,what will you do with the set down the road??? Oh...I know,,keep the space, and move out, and build a larger Halfland community,,and make more movies! Of course !


Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

WOW Marcie this is Great!!!! I'm going to take a look see!!Blessings, Deborah

Shelley Noble said...

Wow, Marcie, how incredibly kind of you to talk about Halfland like this! It's fun to read someone else's reportage, seeing what caught the reporter's eye.

You make me feel very special, thank you.

Plus--The WONDERFUL things you sent me to use (another angelic gesture!) are so valuable! I have sorted all the pocket watch parts into shapes that will be used to create shapes that make up little puppets called Time Flys (made from watch parts!) I love it!

All the botanical things you sent will be used as well, the real cotton, the love in a puffs, the insect wings, all amazing!

That's why I call you Halfland's Official Naturalist! (HON!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is Amazing Marcie! Love all the detail in her work~ Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous artist with us!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, too:)
Hope you have a fantastic Friday and enjoy this perfect weather!!


Coleen said...

I just love Shelly's wonder-filled world......she sure has a magic touch! And what a sweetie you are sending her all those things for her dreamy world...a wee part of you is woven inside this magical place!!!

Heart Hugs,

Annabelle said...

A magical place to dream! Thanks for sharing.I will certainly be a visitor there for some time I'm sure!
Hugs Annabelle