Thursday, January 15, 2009

110 Years Later

How much is this book, I said? Oh, that ratty old thing,,you can just have it, if you want it, he said. I smiled and said thank you. I did not even look at the book untill later that day, when I had time to go through the sack of goodies I bought at the sale. I realized "this" was the best thing in the sack. To read the story, just click to enlarge.
The pages are soft and falling out. It has some wonderful illustrations and sweet stories, teaching about life as well as reading. Like this page, about a tadpole who wished he could sing like a bird. It is a fourth reader. It has soul.

It held 2 treasures, a lock of hair and a clipping from an old newspaper. The other treasure is it's worn corners and spine.

It has served a real purpose, but not done yet, as it has made it to the internet. I know, it rhymes.

A long time ago someone covered it with cotton and string. I wonder if it was a child. They used what they had on hand,,I like that. I will never remove the fabric, as the original cover could not be as interesting. I did try to peek of course. Do click on this photo below to see the threads.
I find the engravings remarkably preserved for its age. A couple have found a blue crayon however. I wonder who's eyes it has seen in the past, who read and learned from it, how long it was forgotten. Now it is alive again, and loved 110 years later.
Feel free to use this engraving in your art. I will share more of them later.

Would you like to see what happened to the little tadpole?


unique unique design said...

Loved this post, Marcie. I left a response on my blog to your comment. (the acrylic one I think). I can relate to the tadpole who wishes he could sing like a bird. I'm more like the tadpole waiting to become a frog so I can croak like one. EEEESH!

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful post Marcie!!!! You are such a natural at this...your photos are beautiful! And thank you for the engraving sweetie ~ I hope all is well with you, xxoo, Dawn

Castle in the Air said...

Congratulations on your wonderful blog! I look forward to reading more...
Best wishes,

lorhen82 said...

What a great find...and FREE on top of it! ~Lori

Coleen said...

oh my yes!!! post more about the wee tadpole!!! I wonder if the story is anything like "The Ugly Duckling"? I feel a spiritual lesson coming on!!!


Candy said...

Looks like one of those finds that don't come along very often. Thank you for rescuing and breathing new life into it. Blessings, Candy

Lana said...

I am having a ball reading your blog... "ratty old thing"???... oh my, if only that person knew! I love it!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I love this post- what a sacred object this book has become! So wonderful in it's age, signs of love and gentle repairs. There is something so heartening in a repaired book- that people have loved it enough to sit down and do what they can with what they have so that it keeps on. A sick pet more than a broken thing.