Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's "Creative" Play Today!

I managed to skip a day blogging,,sort of,,mostly I was taking a mess of photos as the light was just right. The photo above is a creation of Coleen Sohn of Coleen's Reflections aka Queenie, aka She made it for me last year and still warms my heart to look at it.

This photo is of my Paris Fashion Spools. I make the spools and cover them in paper from an old engraving. They are filled with ribbon, beads, and lace, etc. They are different on both sides. I do other styles and colors too. That bowl takes alot of pictures and they are now on and on along with alot of other things I love. The day was fun, and I got alot done, I hope you did too. Oh dear,, I guess the day really has passed, as it is almost 1am and tomorrow is here.

Do have a blessed Wednesday!



lmerie said...

Very neat! Those are fun - looks like something to give my mom . . . hmmmmm

beth said...

Hi Rustic Victorian, your art is beautifull. I've always admired the patience it takes to make such lovely things.
Just wanted to say hi, and hope your having a great day.


Pat @MyTatteredElegance said...

Hi Marcie~
I just popped in to say "hi" and saw your lovely fashion spools. I love them. They are soooooooo pretty.
Take care and don't stay up too late tonight.

Anonymous said...

beautiful and unique!