Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carpenters - Crystal Lullaby

I thought this was sweet.
Do remember to stop my music playlist before listening.


Jennifer said...

Your blog is just beautiful, I'm a new follower and so glad I came across you..I'll be back to visit more...Have a great day! Jennifer

June said...

Marcie thankyou for sharing this. It is so lovely. Oh I adore the many illustrations.
sending hugs your way...

Barbara Jean said...

Did not listen yet, but wanted to say hi.

I have not had much time for blog hopping as usual as i am working on (yuck) taxes!!
Still have time for shopping, and posting. =)
no crafting getting done. maybe soon
hugs and blessings
barbara jean

texasdaisey said...

so beautiful. Your blog is beautiful too!

Lynda Dishner said...

Welcome to the south. We are a different breed. I have a niece in Huntsville they were here (Virginia) for Christmas first time the children had ever really seen snow. They loved it and I hope you and your family did too. I have to two nephews in Portland, Or. Just found you today and added you to my favorites. Looking forward to reading you blog. Thank you.

Linda K. said...


Karen Carpenter was always a favorite of mine. This little video really is sweet. Loved you sharing it.

Linda :)

Diane said...

Hi Marcie! Just stopping by to say hi!!
Hugs, Diane