Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For You ♥ From Me

Stop my music first!


Ineke van den Akker said...

Thanks for sharing this. I added it on my blog.

Tina Eudora said...

Oh that was so wonderful! I am going to post it too and on Facebook as well....I would so love to do this, what a grand experience!
Thanks so much!
Tina xo

Richard Cottrell said...

Oh Ms.Rustic,thanks for droping by my blog and I love this too.Richard at www.myoldhistorichouse.blogspot.com

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

wow very nice! judy

Dorthe said...

Sweet Marcie,
the video can`t be seen here in Denmark, they writes-(something with whom ownes the right!!!)
But I can see it`s about free hugs,---
I love to give you a bunch of free hugs, dear---here .....you got them-:)
Thanks for your many dear visits ,today.
:) Dorthe

Pearl said...

Oh I enjoyed that so much!!!!! Thanks for sharing you made my day. Hugs to you, Pearl

Ann Marie said...

Hi Marcie!

What a sweet post!!

Thanks for visiting me.. and my blog. I love Victorian things as well.. so I'm sure we would be friends. :)

I want that book " The feminine Home" so much.. and I just may have to get it.

I was going to send you over to my friend Mira's blog ( Belle Blanc ) and tell you about her book.. but I can see you have it on your sidebar.

Of course you would know Mira! :)

Have a beautiful day!!

Coleen said...

awwwwwww..I miss your great hugs!!! But, seriously, I feel we all need to feel loved and appreciated by a hug at least once a day!

Heart Hugs,

Barbara Jean said...

I did not know how to turn your music off, but loved the clip anyway.
It made me cry.
Must mean I need a hug.

Was just thinking of you yesterday. Thanks for coming by.

big hugs. =)

barbara jean

Donna said...

I love it!!!

June said...

Marcie thanks for the 'good' cry. I feel full of gratitude tonight after seeing this.
thank you sweetheart for sending your beautiful hugs to me!
sending mine back...

Romeo said...

Miz Pennywinkle! "She" is a big hugger and loved this video!!! I have learned from "her" how to hug....yes really! Would mew like a hug?! *hug*hug*purr*hug*purr*purr*hug!

There that was nice wasn't it!!! Purrlease give one to Marcie fur me!


Joan said...

Oh Marcie - I have tears in my eyes after viewing this. And silly me - I have viewed before! Just seems so simple but how awkward some folks felt & then to see the smiles - well, I must need a hug today too! Blessings sweet friend - I miss you so much! Ahhhh now I am sobbing! I love you Marcie!

Paula said...

Hi sweet Marcie! That was beautiful! We need more of that in our world! I am a big hugger, so I am sending lots of hugs your way! I love you sweet friend! God bless you! Paula

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

pleased to have found you via mouse house tales...
i too loved this video & posted it when i first began to blog 7 months ago. it has been a fun & learning adventure!
tea is on at FHC ~ Welcome !