Friday, April 30, 2010

Friends of Ester, from 1891

A step into the past always leaves me wondering.
I wonder who "was" Ester?
How did her life turn out.

I can just see the blue velvet autograph book new, so soft and full of memories of friends.

The well wishes written appear to be from collage classmates, all dated in 1891.
 Like an intimate class year book.

The pages are delicate, stained, and some falling out. A child scribbled in pencil on some.

Many of them wrote poems.

Estate Sale,,,it was so good,,,I was soooo good,,I could have gone crazy,,
I did manage to pick out some sheet music just for the covers.

Maybe you can use these in  your art.

Now, this fit in the scanner, most are too wide.
I wonder if they made their own ribbon to go in the blank spot.

Let me know if you desire more, I will be happy to share.
Tomorrow is 1/2 off day at the sale....yikes!
Another Perfect Day????????????

Victoria Bliss

What a Great Issue!

You won't be dissapointed.

I have always been a fan of blue and white.

Whites and laces, of course! I may have to try the doily banner.

The articles about a Cape Cod Lavendar Farm,....... Amazing Hydrangeas and Lilacs,......... Shabby Chic shop in Flordia,....Romantic places like
Mackinac Island in Michigan,.....and so much more. Outstanding!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Tarnished Mosaic

 I love the tarnished silvers, and am getting them all together as boxes are still being unpacked.
I may have a collection, and didn't know it.
The sweet soap eggs are from our favorite Fairy Blogmother, Dawn at The Feathered Nest

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing in A Half Bath

Playing in the Half Bath, or Ladies Parlor, as I prefer to call it.
I like to change the names of people, places, and things.
I haven't got a decorating clue, so I will plaster the walls with old cat pictures, and stuff I already have.

The room was already freshly painted. A new color for me, and I find it refreshing.
It reminds me of  Linda K. althought it is not exactly Robins Egg Blue.

I love the saying on the old box, I don't remember where I got half the stuff I got. Not proper english, and I love that, just plain talk.
The China doll is dated 1873, she is missing some things, head poorly glued on, I can relate.

I started hanging things just because. I have given everything a good disenfecting, but the dredded grout is very old and needs special attention. How annoying.
The Curtians will be changed.

I hung a piece of old crochet on the built in towel bar over the toilet. The bar does not come out, and the porcelain cannot be removed without taking out a few tiles. Not doing new tiles just now.

I have had this old cat picture for eons, it matches better than the color shows here.
And I always have PennyWinkle to supervise,,,everything! Little stinker.

I bought this pen,,($7.00),,probably a mistake,,,I am going to try it before I break out the "acid".
I will let you know. My sister, Melodie, told me about seeing it on HGTV, this is a different brand Mel.
Simonize Fix It Grout is better according to them, as it goes in deep, and eats the oils and grime build up...gross.
You have to order it on line, and I didn't want to wait, or pay postage.
A couple days later.....IT WORKS! I now have totally white grout that looks like new.
A few tricks to it, do a little at a time with good light, a wet paper towel didn't work for me, I used my fingers to remove excess from the tiles washing with soap and water...and,, learn to stand on your head! LOL
I am so looking forward to the back of the
The main bath is white and yellow tile,,,another new color...yellow...
The porcelain soap dish and toothbrush holder is permanent,,,must disguise...and more grout lines!
That is what I will be doing this week.
Hope your week is Refreshing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Haverford House,,,Marcy with a "Y"

I am looking for the definative place to enjoy this Awesome 16" Ferris Wheel I won from Marcy at
Thank you so much Marcy!!!!! I love the card,,,also, it really turns and swings.
Marcy with a "Y" is so talented, and has been refinishing furniture lately. Right up my alley,as of late.I guess "M's" think alike.
I hope you will visit her blog, and see what she just did!

I have been busy getting settled, and watching alot of home a garden shows on TV.  Now that spring is totally here, our attention has turned to the new yard, and we are having a vege garden for the first time in alot of years. Should be  interesting, wonder if I can remember how to can, wonder if it will be worth it. It does bring out the neighbors so we can get to know them, as many of them have gardens too. I am more of a flower container garden gal, but I am looking forward to putting in some Crepe Myrtles pretty soon, just to get started. They are my favorite southern plant, as they flower so long.

My southern gentleman brought this brass and ironrod bed end home yesterday, a friend gave it to him. Isn't he just is a keeper!

So,,,Marcy,,, how should I refinish it??? Or should I? Any ideas would be appriciated from anyone.

I hope you are all having a lovely Spring Sunday. God is Good.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Higest Day

Happy Easter!