Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Tarnished Mosaic

 I love the tarnished silvers, and am getting them all together as boxes are still being unpacked.
I may have a collection, and didn't know it.
The sweet soap eggs are from our favorite Fairy Blogmother, Dawn at The Feathered Nest

Happy Tuesday!


Terri Kahrs said...

So lovely! My weakness is crystal bowls!!! My husband kids me and calls me the "Bowl Lady"!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

In the Light of the Moon said...

Really beautiful and full of detail.Warmest Regards,Cat

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Neat! I love all the textures!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Lovely silver with beautiful patterns, dear Marcie! Dawn's egg soaps are very sweet.
Have a wonderful day!

The Tin Rabbit said...

Beautiful silver! I love old tarnished silver sooo much! I am working on a project now using old silver,really enjoying it! Have a Blessed Day~

Debby said...

They are really beautiful!

Shelley Noble said...

Gorgeous! I love the idea of wax or soap eggs!

Marcie those myrtle pods you sent me are so essential here, I can't tell you! Thank you again!!!!!

Diane said...

Beautiful silver patterns and lovely way yu've put them together. Diane

My Sweet Rose said...

Love your tarnished silver, its great to have permission not to polish! I love your little creative scenes, they are charming,
Have a great day.

Diane said...

I just love the touch of the bees' nest among the silver! Sometimes the most unlikely combinations work and these do!


Riki Schumacher said...

Beautiful photos! Love the silver pieces. Riki

linnea-maria said...

Gorgeous! I collect plated silver and I use them daily . I store my forks and spoons in glassjars on the kitchen bench.
Those soap eggs are lovely /Therese

Holly Loves Art said...

Your silver pieces are just gorgeous. I've so much enjoyed getting caught up on your beautiful blog.

Paula said...

Dear Marcie,

I love your old silver! The detail is really beautiful! The whole vignette is lovely! I am glad you are getting settled in your new home! I love how you decorate! The "ladies parlor" is so beautiful!!! I love the colors and how you have all of your pretty things arranged! Your blog is gorgeous and I am enjoying catching up on all the loveliness I have missed! PennyWinkle is so beautiful!!! Love the ferris wheel you won, the bed your dear "southern gentleman" brought home and the beautiful paintings of Jesus you shared for Easter!!! I love all the spring sweetness too! Oh yes, I love your "Little Corner of the House" it is so beautiful! I love everything you did!!! You have such wonderful collection and have it displayed so pretty! Your giveaway wins are beautiful! Have a lovely day! God bless you! Love, Paula

Mimi said...

Hi Marcie!!!
They look so vintage and so very chic at the same time!!!
Great mosaics!!!!
I think you did a very good job presenting them with such cute things!!!

Linda K. said...

What beautiful silver pieces! Neat way to show them off too. Nature makes the best photography, and there's nothing like bird nests. Don't Dawn's egg soaps smell good? I have robin egg blue eggs!
Blessings my friend,

Paula said...

Hi again sweet Marcie,
You asked if I could see the lake from our home…. no, we can't, :( but we have a bayou running behind our home that goes right to the lake. It takes about 5 minutes to get on the lake in our little jon boat. It is really beautiful out there! Have wonderful week and thank you for your sweet comment! Love, Paula

Rebecca said...

Hey Marcie
Thanks for visiting my new shop... I appreciate all the nice comments!
Love your post, the silver looks fabulous the way you put it all together.
Have a wonderful day!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Those pieces are gorgeous! And wow, so is your photography! :-)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Diana said...

Love your eye candy! Dawn has some wonderful things and ideas. Thank you for sharing.

Dorthe said...

Hello Marcie, such a beautifull greeting,
Lovely silver, and love the eggs from Dawn,
Hugs, Dorthe