Monday, September 27, 2010

Burgers in Birmingham

I have always enjoyed flying. Especially in small planes. My husband can fly, I even took a few lessons.
We have a friend who took us to lunch one day.

The Runway Restaurant (near Birmingham Alabama) is where you park your plane on the grass in front, and proceed to pork out on good burgers. The women sat in the back and tried to talk in all the noise, find their houses, do allot of sign language, and take photos of the Tennessee River ways. I tried to tell my hubby he was long, long overdue for a hair cut that morning.
But, that day it was more fun to go to
Birmingham for a Burger.


Sue said...

My hubby also flies, but unlike you I am no good in small planes - total air sickness! I did go with him one day up to Lancaster, PA to eat at the cute little restaurant in the airport there. The flight there was lovely - the return trip was more like the carnival ride from hell!!


Myrna said...

Oh what a glorious time you must have had!!

kathymcelroy said...

Sounds like a glorious day. I love flying. I find it very spiritual to be up among the clouds. Mesmerizing to say the least. Hope all is well with you.

Paula said...

Hello sweet Marcie,

How wonderful your husband flies and you have taken lessons! The photos you shared are beautiful! So glad you all had a nice time and enjoyed the burgers! What a fun trip!

Love to you, Paula