Saturday, March 20, 2010

Old Collections, and Dusty Memories

Pack Rat, thats me, it's genetic. Thanks Mom! I think.

I haven't seen most of these jars, since 1985, at least that is what the newspaper wrapping is dated, I'd say that is just about right. I thought I got rid of them, now I'm glad I put them in storage.

 Some contain the ash from Mt.Saint Helens when it erupted in Washington state. I will never forget that day, and the weeks following. I lived on the north side of Portland Oregon, about a 90 min drive to the mountian. I remember the sound of the ash falling. The ash drifted in the curbs, everything was dusted with ash for a very long time.  When I unpack, the dust of memories are welcome, a bit of time travel. I will share other old friends in time. I used to make dolls, and managed to save some of them. They are glad to breath again, and check out the new digs.
I even remember getting the rusty coffee pot at a sale, still marked fifty cents. I know you  understand the deal there. I don't call this the Rustic Victorian for nothing. Ok, back to the mess I just made, and cleaning up the jars a bit. I am having way more fun than I deserve. 
More to come!


Linda K. said...

Love looking back on your memories with you Marcie. And that collection of old jars and coffee pot! Nice stash! Kind of a lazy day here, watching grandkiddies. We watched movies together. The little ones napped. zzzzz So did granny! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


June said...

Hi Marcie, I can only imagine the amount of ash you all got, because we even got some of it in Boise. That was just a weird time, wasn't it? When we drove over to see my parents in Lincoln City, they took us over to see the devastation. Unbelieveable.
I love your box of treasures. The bottles are so cool.


Your box of "memories" looks like so much fun...I am sure great things will "spring" from that box of "rustic goods" !!! Have a great stroll down memory lane. XO, Judy

Sharon said...

Ah yes Mt.Saint Helen! That was the day I thought the squirrels were dancing on the roof until I stepped outside into my garden. We spent days drying to get the ash off our sailboat. Years later it was still here and there. Driving through Mosses Lake Wa in 92 it was still on the roadsides. Your post has brought back memories.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I'm also a pack rat, and I too blame it on my Mom. It's such fun to find things that you've forgotten about and suddenly run across them, it's like getting to go shopping. Blessings... Daphne

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yep..pack rat extraordinaire'
here too. And what a treat to re-find these I bet. Would be for me.

Happy find !!


Anonymous said...

Marcie's back! Where have you been hiding? :-)

I was so happy to see you posting on my blog today!


Terri Kahrs said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're having a bit of fun unpacking old treasures and memories. So interesting to hear about Mt. St. Helen, since I'm East Coast and have never experienced anything like it. Hugs, Terri xoxo

Coleen said...

glad you are havin fun re-discovering your treasures.......
Heart Hugs,
Ps..miss you my are a treasure...not dusty tho!! Hahha.....a rustic Victorian one!

Martha said...

Don't you like finding something you thought you got rid of? It is like finding true treasure! And it's like seeing once again a long lost friend.

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful thing to unpack Marcie and see all of your treasures again!!! I'm so happy for you and hope you can S P R E A D out and look at all of it!!!! I think that's the key to a wonderful work space is to have what you love your face so-to-speak. Your creations are so lovely, the dolls have such a beautiful personality!!!! I'm so glad you're getting settled. Sending you hugs and love, Dawn

Debby said...

So fun to unpack and go through our treasures. I love what I am seeing here.