Friday, February 27, 2009

Modern Country Giveaway!

Modern Country is one of my favorite Scandinavian web sites. The giveaway is this wonderful pillow. Ania is celebrating reaching 400,000 visitors! What a number! The contest will end March 15th. Also is her product line of embroidery and other hand made delights.
The pillow can be with button or tie closure on the back. And the winner choses which initial to have her monogram. Ania includes an english version in each post for a personal touch. I love that she goes the extra mile, a quality mile.

The Scandinavians understand "white", and living a simple life with beauty that dosent get lost in clutter. I always feel so calm when I look at their decorating. I hope you will page back, and back, when visiting to take in many wonderfull postings of Aina.
Good Luck!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hearty Potatos

A nice surprise in the potato sack. A Heart Potato !!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I thought I would just show some pretty pictures today.

I am lucky to have some of Mothers calendars that sister gives her every year.

There are some calendars that you just have to keep forever. They just keep on giving. Happily they are still being produced and easy to find on line, or in book stores.

The colors did my soul good today as it is gray and rainy.

It is hard to believe that March is here this Sunday.

The first day of Spring is in 23 days.

Easter in in 46 days.

Daylight Savings is March 8th.

As you can see I am thinking about the calendar today.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am thinking and praying for my friends who are on the road to recovery. Rest, and get well.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Mailing List I am glad I joined.

One can get lost here.

Victoria IS Bliss

A beautiful issue, as always. I just remembered it came yesterday.

Since it is so quiet, a good time to enjoy a great magazine.

Ahhh,,,, what a porch.

This issue is so amazing. If you want to see "Alot" of spring flowers and gardens take a look.

100th Post Celebration

Theresa at Time Worn Interiors is having a very yummy 100th post giveaway celebration. I am new to her blog and I think you will like it as much as I do. Go enjoy some eye candy and help celebrate at

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Project or Two, or Twelve...

I am Almost done with some new creations.
I am enjoying working on some new things, I am in the middle of so many. I hope to have more to show and tell soon.

It's nice to sort of hibernate today, in quiet, with no interruption's. What a blessing the quiet is while it lasts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A New blog... Lynns Lovelies

Please help me welcome a New Blog and the very talented Lynn, of Lynn's Lovelies,
To be able to crochet like Lynn is a skill I admire. She creates booties, gowns, bonnets, using the highest quality fibers and embellishment's. Lynn skillfully creates for babies, dolls, and older girls too. Many of the designs are her own patterns and some are antique patterns.

These doll booties are 1" !!!!

Lynn loves to do custom orders. She does create the sweetest "Lovelies", and can be seen at her etsy shop, . I think she is just amazing, I wish I could just reach through the screen and feel how soft and fine they are. Lynn and I shared some secret projects she has on the horizon,,I can't wait to see what you have to show us Lynn!
Welcome to Blogging and all it's possibilities.

PS.... Spring has arrived here in Northern Alabama.

Monday, February 16, 2009

One of my Favorite Things

A Telephone Headset!!!!

We all use them in our house. We are Hooked!!

As life is so busy, talking on the phone with a headset while doing other things is a great way to multitask. No neck pain , free hands to do so many other things while chatting, or waiting on hold. I just put the phone in my pocket. I am not pushing any brand or style, this is just the one I have at the moment. I have bought expensive ones,,they do not last any longer than the one a WalMart for under $20.00. The only thing you need is a "plug in" place on the phone. It is worth getting a new phone with the plug in if you have to. It takes a very short while to get use to them. Like one call. When I am not using them I hook it over the top of a door. It's like the microwave, I didn't think it was all that great,,,untill I got one,,,now I don't want to live without it...I mean how else is there to make Popcorn....another favorite of mine. Try it ,,,you will like it. Now, I am just about one of the last holdouts on a cell phone, I hear they are hands free too. I am a big fan of the telephone and spend alot of time on it, unlimited long distance is great too.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Magical world of Blogs

There is something magical about some blogs.... that take me to a Land of Dreamy, where I feel so light and easy, like having taken a Love Drug, or enjoying a ride on the back of a velvet butterfly...go see if it dosen't effect you.....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amazing Satin and Lace Dress

I wonder how long it took to paint the lace alone.

I love the hat on the baby. I wonder the older sister had it on first.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Blogger..... Coleen's Reflections

Coleen is all about spreading good thoughts, and making a difference with words and affirmations. She uses them in her incredible work of the "Soul Whispers". She creates Fairy darlings, each are named, and have a message to make the world a better place. I hope you will visit her and cheer her on.

I have posted this mosaic, from her flickr as its one of my favorite color pallets. I am honored to know Coleen personally, I lucky to have many of her works, and I am a better person because of her friendship. Welcome to Blogland Coleen!

I must add that, Tiffany Jane, does the most wonderful banners and has wonderous magic, go see. She did Coleen's banner.

Celebrate 800 postings at The Feathered Nest

I always think of Dawn when I see bird prints, or nests. This is one she gave away on her blog along with many others. Dawn is such a giving person. I cannot say enough good things about you Dawn. I have only just begun to see what can happen when you come to meet and interact with others in bloglandia. The time it takes is so worth it. I am grateful to have the friendship,,encouragement, and good old southern hospitality, that has come from Dawn. Now she is doing it again, a giveaway, celebrating 800 posts! Do visit her and enter, and have a good time, as Dawn knows how to throw a party with a big ole Southern Hug! Here is a hug back at ya Dawn!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Thank YOU Belinda!!! Your visit and comment yesterday, taught me much, made me remember once again of the amazing planet we live on. I Googled it,,,,The vine is indeed called Love-In -A-Puff, also Heart Seed, and Balloon Vine. What wonderful names! Love-In-A-Puff is my favorite, I think. It is perfect for the valentine holiday theme. The seeds are hard to capture on film, but there is indeed a white heart on them. I think there is an art project here. ...anyhow, I had fun learning about it, and I will never forget its name. I will be germinating some seeds soon.
While I find myself homesick for the Pacific Ocean & Oregon, I am reminded of the amazing and mind boggling amount of beauty in every state, and in every land, if we look. How can one say there is no God, when the evidence is all around. The grand creator has given us such treasures in the design, color, sounds, smells, and textures of nature.
I also have the nerve to be judgemental. Sometimes I say,,"God what "were" you thinkin when you created that!" (I am referring to some bugs I don't care for) We silly humans are such critics.
Coming to Alabama has been an eye opener as far as nature is concerned, I have seen things I never would have, if I had not come here. I suspect there are many more treasures to discover. I am glad I have a husband (he grew up here) who loves nature, will catch firefly's for me, picks wild flowers for me, finds feathers and bug wings, teaches me to fish, and shows me everything he knows about the swamps and the woods. I have never known anyone who hears every small sound and movement, and treats it with wonder and respect. The stories he can tell,,,,,,he is my Heart Seed.
A few feathers gathered, and a pair of bug wings. Gifts from my Valentine. I love you.

He Knows What I Like,,I Think I Will Keep Him

My Southern Gentleman found this "for free" and brought it home today. It is 6" tall with 20"deep drawers.! It is in good shape, beveled mirror, tongue and groove drawers,,I will replace the knobs of course. I don't know allot about furniture, I guess its a, dresser, or part of a section. I will have it in the new studio. Yahooeee.

Friday, February 6, 2009

If I could....

If I could find this house here, I would buy it.
If I could find the box containing this framed print, I would hang it.

If I could tell you the name of this vine I gathered on the rivers edge, I would.

If I could tell you "who" he is I would....I really need to make better notes, If I could, well, ya know,,, remember....

Have a spectacular and memorable weekend.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Need a little Color today?

I am waiting for the primroses to show up at the stores. In the meantime the colors of the spools will do. There are always colors in the studio. Soon,,,,,,,, the primroses will be here again.
I found another metal receipt spindle at the antique mall last week, I see some for around 7.00, so when I saw one for 3.00 I added it to my basket. They are really handy at the workbench. I like to put a bead, or cork on the point, as I have been stabbed a few times reaching over them for something.

A Quirky image for you too use. I have made tags of this post card to out with some sewing projects I sold. I just think it is odd. Our sense of humor changes with the decades.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I was wandering around visiting and revisiting images new and old. I have been busy as usual creating, and looking for a house,,,all in the works, and nothing finished. I am just popping in for a little hello. I may have some news soon.