Friday, November 6, 2009

Gather Around My Dear Friends...

There is a problem,,,and we must unite and work together.
Our land is in  threat of great distruction.
We need your help to save it.
We have counted on leaders to take care of matters of the kingdom and it's freedoms.
We were not watching closely enough.
The greed and power has bewitched the leaders, and only "we" can bring them back to our laws and save us from the great darkness.

You may write to me for help in the task.


beth said...

Hi Marcie, the cat picture cracked me up. We just lost our cat Bob. I think the predators got him, as we live in the country with cyotoes, and such.
Anyways, thanks for cheering me up.
So many lovely things on your blog.
We love Oregon too.


Sharon said...

I have enjoyed your blog for sometime now. I especially like this post and concure with it's content.
Also your move from Oregon to the south must have been tramatic. So different I imagine? I live in WA. and also love Beatrix Potter! Come visit sometime.Sharon

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Great Post Marcie!!!!

Rowann said...

Thanks for your Blog...You are right we must gather and Pray for our country...Lord GOD give us the wisdom to undo this love.

lailani said...

So true! And what an inviting picture for the task at hand . . .

Carol Mae said...

You are so correct about the state of our country, The more we can all stick together the better. by the way your blog is awesome-Love it. Many hugs, carol