Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Weeks Dover Design Sampler

This week, Dover is showcasing Japanese art. You can get on the mailing list for free images each week at
The sampler shows images from 12 different books.
I wonder how many hours are in this  peacock embroidery....
(click to enlarge and see detail)

I miss seeing hanging pots of Fuchsia's here in the south. It gets too hot here for them.
They even grow in flower beds in Oregon.
Southern Jasmine is a good trade off however.

Feel free to click and save these for your artwork.
 I have never made anything with a Japanese style, theme, or look, but there is something soothing going on here.
I have watched demonstrations of Japanese painting ,,,on tv, or at the fair...its been so long, but I do remember it was intriguing, and fast, with wonderful brushes.


Mimi said...

I'm so happy you popped over to visit my blog!!!! That very decorated Halloween House is not ours, I cannot take credit for that!!!! It is near our home though!!!!They always decorate all up for all the Holidays!!!!!
I say I am intrigued by Politics but it is FAR MORE THEN THAT!!!! It is a Huge Passion of mine and has been since 1980, when Ronald Reagan came into my life!!!!! I was only 22 at that time, I have always had a keen interest in American History so it took a great man to make it real to me!!!!!
I LOVE our Country and Pray for it!!!!! I do believe that if this Nation would Pray and ask for healings of this land, we could be ONCE again a Great Nation, but I fear the Left wing Loonies as I like to call them will Never go for that!!!!! So God may have turned his back on us, who knows, I just hope enough good caring people are Praying for her that he won't just yet. I LOVE the Oregon coast, I think it is my favorite coastline!!!!!! I have been to all 50 states, my dream and goal before turning 50 a year ago!!!!!!
I also LOVE The south!!!!!! Love the accent, the manners, the moss draped trees, the history that is there!!!!!!! Oh to spend a quiet day in Mobile Alabama in one of those beautiful gardens!!!!!!
well pop back over and visit again sometime til then have a great day!!!!

Candy said...

Nice prints but I do like the peacock best...beautiful.
Loved the little travels through so much fun.
Hope all is well in your corner of the world and enjoy a BOOtiful Day ;-)

penny patten said...

I read your profile and it made me laugh,(in a good way)-because I can relate. Love your bottle caps, and you have a lovely blog.