Monday, August 24, 2009

Duck and Jasmine Entoxication

There is Fall in the air, and it was a cool dry weekend. Yea!
We went to the woods, and the river. The Jasmine was blooming all around, and it smelled sooooo wonderful "everywhere".

This log man greeted us in a Disney-like manor.

We had a restful weekend feeding ducks, fishing, and getting out in nature. One of my favorite ways to spend time.


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Marcie!
How are you?? I'm sorry I haven't come over to say hi for a while. I can't seem to access your blog from my home computer. It freezes up every time I try. So I had a few minutes here at work and thought I would pop over. I hope you happy and healthy! Have a wonderful week.

My Desert Cottage

Terri Kahrs said...

Gorgeous pics! Love the "Disney" tree! Hugs, Terri

Shelley Noble said...

As my personal Naturalist, I'm so delighted you had such an incredible outdoor weekend! It's much better for me to look at your beautiful photos!

Coastal Sisters said...

Marcie, these pictures were wonderful. They took me away from my chaos for a few moments......beautiful!


Alkyoni said...

I have to apologise for not making a comment even though i've been a folower for some time now. Have to tell you, the photographs rock. No seriously. They do.

Paula said...

Dear Marcie,

Your photos are gorgeous!!! I am so glad you and your husband had a wonderful weekend!

Love, Paula

Paula said...

P.S. I love being in God's creation, too! I am looking forward to Autumn!

Chrisy said...

Dear Marcie, My tags arrived here - the other side of the world! - today. They are truly wonderful in every way...Thank you!