Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures from Home

Great Shot by Jackie Schiaf for a post card. Shore Acres State Park, Coos Bay, Oregon.
I thought I would share where my heart is lingering. This is where we moved from, and I am missing it. I could not get a better picture than this post card. Our place was off the card in the lower right corner.
Another favorite place, there are lots of these.

It was a bit foggy but a great drive.

My friend of 40+ years,,Joan,,went this last weekend, and made me think of our trip for a week on the beach last May. I took a few dozen loaves of bird bread to feed the seagulls, she could skip feeding the gulls, but Joan is very giving , and helped me to get rid of the massive over purchase at the bakery outlet,,as she knows I love feeding them. I did miss you Joan,,it doesn't seem right my not being there with you. We have been friends and beach bums together for so long,,,the stories we could skipping school to go to the beach...running out of gasoline...going south and thinking it was north...well, it was dark...and we were what 16, and goofy. We put allot of miles on my first car. I do not regret a minute of our excursions. This is a picture of Joan from last May.

My husband carved our initials on that sign, and the bench is a great place to watch the waves crash upon the lava, and you can get wet if the conditions are right (like the first photo). My backside has kept that bench warm more times than I can remember. Its an amazing spot, its our spot, our bench,,and I imagine many others say the same thing. It is a good place to watch the sunset go down. I guess I need a beach fix, and a friend fix, an Oregon fix. The sounds, the smell of it. I am getting used to Alabama, but it's not the same,,no,,not at all.


Joan said...

Oh sweet Marcie...I missed not having you there this past weekend! Great photos to show your on line friends. I thought of you so much everytime I went by an antique shop or where we had walked beach coastlinelooking for shells! Time for a visit to Oregon I say! Get your tush back here so we can have lunch with Coleen and Jody! Love ya my oldest (longest) friend!

Shelley Noble said...

How nice to have such a long-lived friendship, Marcia and Joan.

Say, that place looks beautiful. Lincoln City was on my list for someday maybe moves. Can one live there, weather? rental housing? Would you recommend it?

beth said...

Hi Marcie, well I can sympathize with you. We love Oregon. A couple of years ago we vacationed in Newport, it was so beauriful. We say whale from the condo balcony. My blog picture is of that vacation. And of course Portland is my all time favorite place in the world. Your friends miss you as well I can see. Don't fret you'll go back.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Wow-what a beautiful place! I have never been to Oregon but these pictures make me want to visit. Thanks for sharing:)

Sharon A. Kyser said...

Your blog is so relaxing to read. I wanted to share with you that I moved to FL and was so homesick for my home in Iowa. My precious Mom sent me a huge box of lilacs and cornbread when I was at my all time low. Lilacs because spring is my favorite time of the year and just the smell warmed my heart. Corn bread because my Momma missed me too. Thank you for bringing back the memories of smells.

Coleen said...

oh Sparkie Marcie..........Oregon misses you too!!! everytime we go to Lincoln City I look up the hill to your street and sigh!!! And I always say.."thats where Cliff used to work" as we drive by Gerbers.....I have never sat on that bench, but, I will look for it next time we go...
Miss you my dreamy friend!!

The Willow Rose said...

Oh what a beautiful place...I want to go visit now.Blessings Regina

The Rustic Victorian said...

Thank you all for your comments, I do have "moments" of homesickness, and I would rather not. But, I am finding with time, these moments are less and less. Every place has its pros and cons, only one place is perfect, and its not on earth. I have decided to embrace the south and appreciate all that I have now, today, to look forward and not backward. God has blessed me more than I deserve. I am here in this place and moment for a reason. After all, we can get on a plane and go across country in a matter of hours. How kewl is that! A big hug to you all!