Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gifts from Nature

Thunderstorms can be dangerous for some. Odd thing is, when I found this nest and lifted it up, many more broken blue shells were directly under it.
We went to the river at sunset, I needed a water fix. I also just new there was a show of some kind there. It poured and hailed on the 10 min drive. Looking to the west was the sun. To the east was the clouds. Such a color difference!

There was lightening in the clouds, but I didn't catch any shots of it.

The darker cold clouds are meeting the warmer light clouds and the lightening comes.

That dark cloud sort of looks like a spaceship. The wind was swift and we were blessed with rainbows on the way, and a fireworks of lightening on the way home. Now its popcorn and TV.
All is well.


Candy said...

How sad is the little nest. Momma bird will be so sad. On the other hand you caught some really nice just for Pink Saturday. Thank you Lord.
Blessings, Candy

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Hi Marcie, Well you got a pretty little nest. The pics you got are great, I know you enjoyed your day out! I got out too! Went out to the flea market in the pouring rain. Tried to tell everybody that no one would be there, I was right! Very few venders, and very few people. Came home and got creative~~~love doing that best. I've got a few things going in the mail Tue.Enjoy Your Weekend, Deborah

Barbara Jean said...

love your nest.
My newest ones look so real, almost as nice as this one.