Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Old Doll Clothes

Mother had a doll hospital for antique dolls. She restored, repaired, and costumed antique bisque, porcelain, china, and composition dolls, from the wigs to the shoes. In Portland Oregon, she belonged to a doll club, or two, and knew many interesting women with like minds. To join the club, you had to own 15 antique dolls. I was able to go along to some of the clubs, and conventions, and dolls shows, and meet basements and attics of dolls, and all that goes with them. I wish I knew then, what I know now. I would have taken a camera, and learned so much more. I would have probably collected mass amounts of doll stuff, like she did. I get that. I love that. We would go junking, and to the doll collectors houses that had goodies to sell, or trade. Many of these women had white hair, they are always the ones that have the best treasures, the knowledge and skills. One is never too old to play with dolls.

In the process, and along the way, this small box of pantaloons, slips, and dresses were grouped together. She doesn't remember where any of it came from. I know where it is now. Now, what will I do with it? Well, first a box of BIZ to soak out some stains, some ironing too. NO, allot of ironing. What have I gotten myself into? Altered art??? shadow boxes??, who knows.

The body,,wonder what the head looked like? How did she end up with it. Maybe it was in a lot purchase. Some would ask why. Not me, I see the beauty in it. Stories can be written about this piece alone. Humm..I wonder if any of the dresses will fit. I might add that Mother had two antique shops in Arizona; and my Grandparents were rock hounds and lived in an old yellow school bus, traveled, and dug, tumbled, cut, made and sold jewelry and rocks. I am grateful for them all, as they let me see art as an
"OK" thing to do.


Candy said...

What a wonderful collection, to save, to treasure, to share. Thanks!
Your...if I knew then...I had that moment when I started quilting in my 40's. My grandmother was a quilter of which we have many. What I would give to sit and quilt beside her, ask questions,what sweet bonding moments I missed.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Candy

Coleen said...

oh wow!! I am always learning something new about you my friend!!! I never saw these treasures.....and that headless doll!! wow...she is something else! Your mom knew what she was were absorbing way more than you ever realized...those women helped to instill the love of dolls in you ...and magic!!!

Barb said...

What wonderful clothes, and even more, what wonderful memories for you!
Thank you for sharing htem with us.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Shari said...

What a wonderful post! There is such beauty in a well-loved doll - and so much history, too. If only these old things could tell their stories!!

greavesdesign said...

oh this is so 'my kind of thing'... I just get all inspired when I see beautiful old fabrics (+ buttons). I feel the stories coming through and it add so much warmth and heart.

thanks for showing us.(and visiting my blog... I am also 50 something BTW)!

tam said...

Oh my gosh you lucky girl you! What a treasure to have all of those beautiful dresses! Just think of all the little girls-and big ones too that played with them-how cool is that! I have some old dolls too I keep them put away for now-but I am a doll lover! So I am lovin this post! ~Smiles~Tam!

The Feathered Nest said...

OH MY, OH still my heart!!!! Marcie, I am SO coveting this pile of doll dresses!! BUT I would not use a bit of Biz (that's just me) I love the coloring, the marks of age and the character...just gorgeous. I know whatever you do they will be wonderful bizzed up or not!!
xxoo, Dawn

beth said...

Marcie, what lovely treasures. It's so great that you have them with you. So much of the world today is only instant gratification. Gone tomorrow.
About Portland. I lived there along time ago. My husband and I have vacationed there the last couple of years. I know it's crowded, but its really a cool city. We'll go back again.

Pat@MyTatteredElegance said...

I love your treasures Marcie, they really talk to me. It's like when I find a box of yellowed lace. Your doll is so sweet and tattered, I adore it. My mom used to find dolls at garage sales and make little christening gowns for them. Brings back memories for me too. Thanks for showing us and drop by anytime.

Joan said...

Marcie...I love your stories! The cute photos of you on the horse were adorable! The tales of finding the school reader and now the lovely doll dresses and one of your special dolls...I loved to go to the estate sales with you and the hours we spent this past May down at the beach in the shops and looking through hundreds of old post cards! I can not wait until the next time we are able to visit the sea and those darling shops! Blessings & Miss You Terrible! Love, Joan

Charlene said...

Beautiful treasures for sure!!!! Lucky you except the day you are ironing. :) Charlene

art and beautiful junk said...

Oh!!! I would love to win this. I love dolls too. I teach how to make them so if you are interested in making dolls stop by my blog and register to win a free class.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Marcie....yes INDEED those are a treasure.....every single piece of it for "new" clothes for another doll..or a collage...or just to pile up and look at and enjoy.
Please tell me you have all your mothers wonderful dolls in your collection too...and that when you are will post some images of them. I may have missed some posts about them before I was a blogger...please lead me to them..if so.

I SO LOVE MY "LADIES" husband and I call them.
I talk to them from time to time..and my husband gets s kick out of that.
Please be SURE to post whatever you do make out of this DELIGHTFUL stuff.


Firuzan said...

What a wonderful collection of you Marcie. Your chidhood memories sounds precious and inspring and what a lovely childhood for a little girl. Your background reflects your artistic vision beautifully. It really impressed me and loved your sweet story. Have a great season dear friend...
Lots of Love,