Sunday, January 11, 2009

I just love a man who can cook.

I just love a man who cooks. My husband has his special southern dishes, and he does them well. This one is "cracklin cornbread", whatever cracklins are,,I don't want to know,,,but "he" uses something like bacon in it,,,called smoked hog jowls,,,although, I tease him and call it pig cheeks. Now,,to a gal kinda fresh off the Oregon coast, some of the southern dishes seem,,well,,to be nice,,,strange.

Now,,cornbread is to be cooked "only" in an iron skillet in the oven,,,and that is a "flat rule". There is no other acceptable method. Also you must wear your Alabama jacket when performing in the kitchen....not really,,,but he has spent all day in that jacket, and we left the house at 8:30am to house hunt,,and now its going on 9pm. After it's done you get a warm piece, and put milk over it, and grab a spoon. I had to pass, I had leftover pizza calling my name,,,, but He was in hog heaven. And so am I,,, just watching him.

Happy Sunday!


PS..I did try frog legs,,pretty good, if you don't think about it. I refuse to cook them however. I understand they jump around the pan while cooking, as the tendons,,,,never mind.


Plant Freak said...

That Alabama jacket was the first thing I noticed. My son's first words were Roll Tide! My dad made sure of that! I'm a Bama girl gone to Texas myself...and I love Cracklin' cornbread. I wish you great luck in your blogging endeavors!

The Feathered Nest said...

OMGoodness Marcie!!!! Well you're right about the strange foods here...sometimes when I visit the old country grocery store around here I'm amazed at what I see at the meat counter! But then I've also been to the international food market closer to Atlanta and there is some REALLY strange food that other countries eat...hope you have a great Sunday!! xxoo, Dawn

lorhen82 said...

I love it when men cook too. My son-in-law cooks sometimes. If he cooks, she cleans; if she cooks, he cleans. I think I'd rather be on the cooking end of that arrangement! ~Lori

Anonymous said...

My DH is the cook of our family too, well mainly. But I was raised in Louisiana so I know all about the cornbread and milk. I never ate it but Daddy loved it. As for frog legs, literally the first one I ate was at a little restaurant where I had ordered a seafood platter. I literally thought they had accidently put a chicken leg on my plate until I got to the bone and it was jointed. LOL it did taste like chicken. :) I miss crawfish (love them boiled, fried) people here in Virginia think they are just bait.


Shari said...

Oh how funny! No frog legs cooking for me either!! But now that cornbread thing sounds pretty good. It's great to have a man in the kitchen!