Tuesday, January 20, 2009


While "once again" looking in boxes for something "entirely different", I came across this wall hanging that I purchased about 15 years ago. It is from India. They are all about embellishment,,,,and color....and Surprise & Variety in design. I took a few photos of a few areas I especially like.

I thought you might be interested, especially if you do needlework.

The close up will be really big, so you will see everything.

You just never know what I will post about. I never know, it just transpires. Usually.

I came across a box of doll clothes, and drug that out too. Maybe I will show you that tomorrow.

I hope you all have a fine Wednesday!


Coleen said...

oh wow....these are beautiful!!!! so much work!!! You are havin so much fun "re-discovering" all your treasures!!!!

Candy said...

Fascinating detail work and this is all on one piece? Would be interested to see the whole thing.
Now I am going to check out Lana at Honeysuckle Lane. Will check back later to see the doll clothes.
Blessings, Candy

tam said...

ooo very pretty! Nothing like finding forgotten treasures!Doll clothes sounds fun!