Friday, June 29, 2012

Do not Underestimate America

No matter what...,OBAMA has to go..he has trampled on the American people and our forefathers judgment and wisdom!

He has lied to the citizens of this great nation...on many different

levels and made us a target for every feared country in the world! By

weakening our military...ignoring our constituition and going against

the will of the very people he was sworn to be loyal too! He wants to

punish people for becoming successful in the land of opportunity! If our

system of government had never worked as he has claimed...then Mr Obama

would never be where he is today! His success...along with that of his

wife( who was never proud of her country till he was elected) can only

be attributed to the fact that our system of government instituted by

our forefathers is the only one in the world that has ever worked and

gave everyone equal opportunity to become what you want to be through

hard work and FOLLOWING the rules! So Mr not bite the hand

that feeds you! America trusted you...voted you in...and believed in

you! Guess November...we as helpless and ignorant as you

believe we are...will take you out of office...and send you back to

Chicago! DO NOT MR OBAMA...underestimate the will of the American